IRT Reels Takes Alaska by Storm

Captain Wes Coward, who guides for Larsen Bay Lodge in Kodiak, Alaska, was sent four IRT Power Grip 700 reels to test and evaluate during the summer of 2014. Captain Wes used 150lb. braid on IRT’s large arbor reels and his own Delco Cheetah Cat jig to target halibut off the bottom of Larsen Bay. Some of Captain Wes’ thoughts:
“I was impressed with the drag system of IRT Spinning reels. I had several halibut over the hundred pound mark this season and the drags seem to perform flawlessly. I have fished other reels in the past and even thought the drags held up for the most part, I realized there was some slippage. Seldom do I have to back off a drag with these Alaska fish and with the IRT reels, I found myself having to give a little. I think the drags are more than appropriate.” 
“I also was impressed with the [Power Grip] reel foot. I was a little tentative at first but found that both clients and I appreciated the grip and feel of the seat. This combined with a bulky handle seemed to work.” Captain Wes will continue to use the reels over the next few seasons to see how they hold up in the conditions up in Kodiak, Alaska. We’ll keep checking in with him, his Delco Cheetah Cat jigs, and our IRT reels.