Blogger Spotlight: Jeff C.

Weigh in on Lake Erie with the BASS Northern Open My name is Jeff C. and I am a bass fisherman.  I was born and raised in Schuylkill County, but I only recently learned about Solar Innovations® and IRT reels from a childhood friend.  After visiting the company during the “off season”, I loved seeing new ideas in fishing! I’m looking forward to working with the company and finding ways to incorporate IRT reels into my style of fishing!

As a boat owner and tournament fisherman, I have plenty of experience on the water, both locally and in the surrounding area.  I have experience fishing Oneida Lake, the Thousand Islands, the Finger Lakes, the Chesapeake Bay, Lake Erie, and the Potomac in addition to the many smaller lakes throughout Pennsylvania, New York, and Canada. I am a member of the Sweet Arrow Anglers which is a local bass fishing club.  I also fish on the pro side of BASS Northern Open tour and the FLW BFL circuit.

5 lb bass on the Potomac River

When I’m not on the water for a tournament, my son and wife Weigh in on Lake Erie with the BASS Northern Open Enjoy going out on the boat with me.  My son, Justin, will be turning 8 soon.  I couldn’t be happier that at such a young age, he enjoys the sport as much as I do!

The fishing season will be upon us soon so don’t let it sneak up on you!  Here are some things you can do now to be ready.

  • Strip off all your old fishing line and fill your reels with new line. Once your spool is full, spray it with a line conditioner to help it come off the spool easier.
  • Check any lures you have for rust, the hooks love to get rusty.  Replace any hooks that need replacing.
  • Organize your tackle boxes. Empty them out and wipe everything down inside with a good general cleaner.  Combine hooks, weights, or anything else you can put in one package to save space.  Get rid of things that you no longer use, or that are no longer usable.
  • Clean up your rods!  Windex is great for wiping down the body of the rod.  It removes grime and leaves it shining.  Check the eyes of the rod by running a cotton ball over them.  If the cotton ball hangs up anywhere, you have need a new eye or else your line can fray and cut!  If your rod has a cork handle, and it is black from dirt or use, here are two good tips:
    • #1. Get very fine sandpaper and use it on the cork, wipe it down afterwards with a wet cloth.
    • #2 Use a wet Magic Eraser to wipe the cork. I use this method because it is quicker and less messy.  The dirt just wipes away leaving your rod looking good again.
  • Stock up on things you need now, often times over the winter things are on sale, once the season rolls around expect to pay full price.

Next time, we will talk about getting your boat ready for the season!

Keep Fishin’