Choosing the right IRT Grip

Black & Red Traditional Grip

Traditional Grip

The Traditional Grip is a “T” shaped grip similar to some of the earliest fishing reels in existence. This grip style allows for the “split finger” technique where anglers can put two fingers above and two fingers below the “T” structure. It provides the standard pressure points that most anglers are familiar with and can be effective in every type of fishing.

Black & Blue G1 Power Grip

G1 Spin Power Grip™

The G1 Power Grip™ is proprietary technology of Innovative Reel Technologies®, designed to provide a unique balance and pressure when compared to traditional spinning reels. This reel’s modified “T” grip – more “U” shaped in appearance - allows anglers to rest all their fingers above the seat. This non-traditional design comes in handy for fish who pack a bigger punch than the rest, by taking pressure off the inside of your fingers and putting it on the back of your pinkie finger. This provides greater leverage in a vertical battle and removes the chance of blisters that could result from uncomfortable grips of other spinning reels.

Gold G2 Power Grip

G2 Spin Power Grip™

The G2 Power Grip™ is another piece of proprietary technology owned by Innovative Reel Technologies® designed to act as a hybrid between the Traditional and G1 Power Grips™.  This is our most versatile grip option as it provides the unique balancing feature of the G1 Power Grip™, while maintaining the familiar look and design of the Traditional Grip.

When to use the Traditional Grip

The Traditional Grip is designed to provide comfort while casting. Though it can be used for any type of fishing, the Traditional Grip provides excellent balance while casting baits from the surf, boat, or pier.  

When to use the G1 Spin Power Grip™

Though this grip could be used for any type of fishing, it is most practical for vertical jigging scenarios. The G1 Power Grip™ balances the weight of the reel further to the back of the rod, providing anglers excellent leverage in these situations.

When to use the G2 Spin Power Grip™

This grip can be used for any type of fishing and has very few weak applications. In casting situations, this grip provides excellent feel and balances the rod as well or better than the Traditional Grip. When jigging, the G2 Power Grip™ lends similar leverage and comfort to the G1 Power Grip™, but with the familiarity of the traditional grip to match.