Cleaning Tips for your IRT Fishing Reel

As with nearly any reel, Innovative Reel Technologies has several cleaning tips for the end of the season to ensure your reel is ready for opening day 2009. If you’ve never opened a reel before, IRT recommends contacting your reel’s manufacturer to check for a service plan from them. Many manufacturers would prefer to complete cleanings and service work in the factory, to ensure the warranty remains valid. If your manufacturer does not provide cleaning services, ensuring you have a copy of the internal diagram will ensure that you are will be able to properly identify the reel parts. First and foremost, make sure you wash or wipe down the reel after every trip. This does not mean spraying them with a hose, it means washing them. An in-depth cleaning of a reel at six month intervals can only mean one thing. That reel is going to last a long time. But that only applies if you are able to successfully accomplish this task.