Drag Systems

IRT Reels Drag System

Innovative Reel Technologies® takes great pride in the strength, smoothness, and durability of our fly and spinning reel drag systems. With a carbon fiber-Kevlar main drag, all IRT® Reels perform in a size above their class. Our Dual Drag technology provides the angler with extra maximum drag capacity that has become the most respected in the industry.

Dual Drag

Our Dual Drag system provides the angler with 5-10 pounds of additional max drag by including additional Kevlar washers into the top of the spool. As a fish takes drag against the reel, the two drags will counteract each other and add additional strength. Dual Drag reels also utilize a drag knob containing a heavier spring than single drag reels for strength.

Series 200 300 400 - 400DD 500 - 500DD 600 - 600DD 700 - 700DD 800 - 800DD
Max Drag (lbs) 30 25 25 - 30 25 - 35 40 - 50 50 - 60 55 - 65

The Dual Drag feature is available on all IRT reel series, except for the IRT200 and IRT300. This drag style is recommended for anglers needing heavy drag for wreck fishing, species that make speedy runs, and for those anglers looking for a lighter weight reel with the drag of a larger reel series. All Dual Drag reels come with a larger “power handle” designed to provide additional torque during a fight.

Single Drag

While not all series of IRT® Reels are available in Dual Drag models, all series are available as single drag. These reels come with the standard carbon fiber-Kevlar drag system below the spool. Even these models of IRT reels provide smoother and more durable drag than any other reels on the industry.

If you are interested in upgrading your reel from a single drag to a Dual Drag or just want more information about our industry-leading drag system, please contact us at reels@irtreels.com.