Customize Your New Reel With a Laser Etching

All IRT® Reels are now customizable with with laser etching. On one of our spinning reel product pages, you can add standard text, images, or fully custom logos to your reel easier than ever. We are always looking for ways to offer even more custom features to our customers, so if you want something that is not shown, then let us know by emailing

Standard Text Etching

Standard Text Etching ($60)

Customize your reel with up to 18 letter or number characters. Choose from our 10 standard fonts and position it at one of the three standard locations on the reel.

Monogram Etching

Monogram Etching ($60)

Put your mark on your IRT® spinning reel with 3-letter initials. Customize it further with one of our standard templates placed at either of two locations on the reel.

Standard Image Etching

Standard Image Etching ($60)

Choose from our library of dozens of stock images and position them at one of three locations on the reel. Other simple shapes and graphics are available upon request.

Completely Custom Etching

Completely Custom ($100)

Submit your own artwork and have a completely one-of-a-kind etching. Choose from one of three standard locations on the reel or request a different placement. Please note: .jpeg, .png, .psd, or .ai files are accepted. If you would like to alter the placement of your etching, please email

Etching Basics:

  1. All etching appears as an off-white color on the reel. Shading is possible, but each etching will only appear as a single color. This is the same color as the IRT® Reels logo.
  2. If you would like to select more than one etching or change an etching after you have purchased, please email
  3. Certain reel colors show etching more clearly. Darker colored reels tend to provide more contrast and showcase the etching better.
  4. Unless the person purchasing the reel is authorized to provide approval for the use of the logo, copyrighted logos, images, words, or phrases are not allowed. If you are unsure if your etching violates copyright rules, please email prior to purchasing.

Custom-etched reels are non-refundable.