Frequently Aksed Questions

Are your reels fully sealed?

Our reels are as close to fully sealed as they can be. As with all reels, we recommend properly cleaning with fresh water after being used in saltwater to ensure the longevity of the reel.

Can I purchase reels directly through IRT?

IRT® Reels currently sell factory direct and through authorized dealers. If you would like to purchase a reel or are interested in becoming a dealer, contact IRT Reels.

Where and how can I order additional parts for my IRT® Reel?

You may order replacement parts for reels and tools directly from IRT® Reels. Contact us directly and we will assist you.

What is recommended for basic maintenance of my reel after every use?

Rinse your reel completely with clean, fresh water. Wipe the reel down with the recommended IRT® light oil lube. When storing, loosen the drag. More information can be found on our Maintenance and Repair page.

Where are the reels manufactured?

We produce and assemble every component of our reels in the USA, and the majority of the reel itself is manufactured right here in Pine Grove, PA.

How long is the turnaround time for service?

Conservatively two weeks, but generally turned around in one week’s time.