Frequently Asked Questions

Are your reels fully sealed?

Our reels have a sealed main body, sealed drag, double-sealed bearings, and o-rings on removable parts. As with all reels, we recommend a proper freshwater cleaning after each saltwater use to ensure the longevity of the reel. As our name suggests, we are constantly making innovations to our reels and we expect to improve our sealing even beyond where we are today.

Can I purchase reels directly through IRT?

Yes. IRT® Reels currently sells factory direct and through authorized dealers. To purchase a reel, please click here. To become an authorized IRT Reels dealer, please click here.

Where and how can I order additional parts for my IRT® Reel?

Although IRT conducts repairs for our customers, we realize that some may be interested in replacing parts or doing a tune-up on their own. If this is the case, you may order replacement parts for reels and tools directly from IRT. There are currently no stores that sell parts for IRT Reels. For direct assistance from an IRT team member, you can contact us at 570-915-1500 or by email at [email protected].

What is recommended for basic maintenance of my reel after every use?

We recommend rinsing your reel completely with clean, fresh water each saltwater exposure. It is also important that you wipe the reel down with the recommended IRT light oil lube. When storing, make sure the reel is dry of water and the drag is loosened. More information can be found on our Maintenance and Repair page.

Where are the reels manufactured?

We produce and assemble every part of our reels in the United States except for our bearings. Once we have found an American bearing supplier that meets our standards for performance, we will switch to them. For now, we are still the most American spinning reel company on the market and we take pride in knowing that we are creating American jobs. We make most of our parts and fully assemble all of our reels in Pine Grove – a town in central Pennsylvania with a population of just over 2,000.

How long is the turnaround time for service?

The majority of IRT Reels purchases are processed and shipped within three days. Approximate shipping time is based on location in relation to Pine Grove, PA. Conservatively, you should expect to receive your reel 5-10 business days after purchase.

Is there a list of authorized IRT Reels dealers/Where can I see a reel in person?

We are currently working to expand our dealer network and are always open to discussion regarding new dealers. To find out about where to see an IRT reel in person, please contact us at [email protected]. We will point you in the direction of a business with reels in stock or a member of our pro staff in your area. If you have a suggestion for a new dealer in your area, please send their business name and website link to [email protected].

What is the process for having my reel serviced through IRT?

To begin the service process, please contact us at [email protected] with a description of the issue and your reel information (including serial number, reel series, color, and your name). One of our customer service representatives will then contact you about sending your reel back to IRT. Once we receive the reel, we will review it to find a fix for the problem at hand. Some fixes are simple enough that our team will be able to handle it for free. However, there are some instances where parts need to be produced or there is extensive work needed to revive the reel. In these instances, an IRT service fee will be billed to you and an invoice will be sent out. IRT Reels will contact you regarding the impending fee prior to conducting any maintenance on the reel.