IRT Around the World: Adventures in the Amazon (Part 3)

The following day we fished the river, catching Payara (Vampire Fish), Sardinata, Pacu, and some CRAZY Catfish. This gave us an excellent chance to explore some really neat parts of the river. I lost a 60-70lb Redtail Catfish when my wire leader failed, but Armando managed to whoop a 45lb catfish on fairly light tackle – an IRT400DD matched with a Black Hole USA Charter Special 6’8″. Coincidentally, this was the same rod I fought my big fish on; it can easily land 100lb fish.

The following day, 4 of us ventured off to another lagoon. This time, the journey there was much less of a hike, but involved a 30-minute canoe ride through a narrow passage and emptied into another remote lagoon. It was here that we caught peacock bass. More specifically, it was here that we caught 80, some weighing in up to 18lbs. Seth managed to bring in 55 of them himself! The man is a true pro. As we rotated anglers per canoe, we each made sure to fish with him in hopes of picking up a thing or two from the man himself. Once we’d had our fill, we agreed to go back to the secondary camp (cocaine camp) to finish out this past Thursday and Friday. As expected, these nights in the deep of the jungle were filled with many peacocks and rainstorms, laughs and fumbles, broken rods, a few curse words, and some serious bonding. Friday night we returned to base camp and, without so many words, broke out the Bluetooth speakers and had a festival with the entire group. We traded tackle and other provision with our guides in thanks for their excellent service: Boots, shoes, shirts, rods, reels, gadgets, knives, you name it… so cool. Some of the guides carved bows and arrows for us, as well as walking sticks.

This trip was an absolute blast. What an experience! Huge thanks to Beto Mejia, Armann, Juan Felipe, Juan Jose, Seth, Roland, Armando, Jeff, Ulrick, Igor… everyone. As Señor Verde would say “Y’ALL REALLY ARE AWESOME. LIKE, REALLY AWESOME.”

Until the next time,