IRT Press Release

IRT Reels Secures New Patent on Handle Drag System

IRT® Reels is proud to announce the issuing of Canadian Patent no. 2,910,528. Though the possibilities for this patent are endless, IRT® will be using this invention immediately to add a more practical drag system into an industry-changing line of fly reels.

IRT® Reels is implementing this patented technology by including a fighting drag into the handle of the fly reel. This allows the angler to add resistance during a fight by lightly pressing in on the handle knob, removing the need to use their hand as a break on the free-spinning spool. In addition to this innovation, IRT® Reels is the only fly reel manufacturer with a one-way clutch positioned in the reel. This keeps the handle from spinning with the spool as a fish takes drag and helps to cut down on tangles during an expedition. President, Greg Header has tremendous confidence that these creations “will make old-school fly reels obsolete in the near future.”

Both the 3/4 and 9/10 weight fly reels will soon be available for purchase on and, while the 5/6 and 7/8 weight fly reels are currently in the design and testing phase. All series of IRT® fly reels come standard with this revolutionary handle drag system and several other patented design features and functions.

Stay tuned for more updates as IRT® Reels revolutionizes the fishing reel industry and puts the power back into the hands of the fisherman, while maintaining our commitment to handcrafting reels in the United States.