IRT’s Commitment to American-Made Excellence

PINE GROVE, PA – We all want American-made. Whether you are looking for a car, phone, or lawn mower, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a manufacturer committed to our level of domestic production. Sure, some produce parts or assemble their final product within our borders, but so few are able to do as much as we do right here in the good old U.S.A. IRT® Reels aren’t just assembled in America; we make almost every single part right here, and we’d never dream of sacrificing quality for cheaper materials. We take ownership of being American-made in the truest of senses. Our company is rooted in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania, and we aren’t going anywhere. But what does being an all-American company really mean? Beyond the parts and patents, what does it mean to commit to crafting these reels the American way? Our commitment to quality, reliability, and integrity is what separates IRT® products from anything else in your arsenal. Quality: We know that no one wants to shell out their hard-earned money on a reel that is going to fall apart after a year of fishing. We know that nobody wants junk and we certainly don’t want to produce it. So why keep spending your money on products that aren’t able to keep up with you? IRT® Reels are built to last, and we’d put them up against any other reel in the industry. Reliability: We know that no one wants to hook into the fish of a lifetime only to have a reel malfunction cost them the catch. Whether you’re casting for stripers, surf fishing for giant sand tigers, or fly fishing for bonefish, we know you want a reel you can count on. We also know that you want a reel that can get the job done over and over, in any condition, year after year, no matter where you go. Integrity: We are fishermen, just like you. We take pride in crafting the most effective reels we possibly can and we won’t stand for mediocrity. If you’re looking for the bare minimum, you may want to look elsewhere — that’s just not in our DNA. If your reel ever needs a tune-up, just send it to our PA headquarters to keep enjoying that American-made quality for years to come. We know you want the same thing we do: the perfect fishing machine. IRT® makes more than just fishing reels. We promote lifestyles, passions, and excellence by keeping our sights on American quality, reliability, and integrity. Don’t accept less from anyone else. About Innovative Reel Technologies® As an all American-made fishing reel, IRT® prides itself in its patented fishing technology and methods of manufacturing in order to provide fishermen with the best reel on the market. With its customizable features and revolutionary Spin Power Grip™ technology, IRT® is able to enhance any fishing experience that will provide memories for years to come.