Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Notice of IRT Reels.

Innovative Reel Technologies, Ltd. (“IRT Reels”), is a manufacturer of fishing reels, including spinning reels and fly reels.  IRT Reels also provides service for its product lines.  The Company is located at 31 Roberts Road, Pine Grove, PA, 17963.  Its toll-free phone number is (800) 618-0669.

This Privacy Policy Notice is to inform you of the policies of IRT Reels relating to the use of personal information.  Since it is designed to comply with legal requirements in various jurisdictions, some of the information set forth in this policy may be inapplicable to your particular situation.  However, IRT Reels does strive to respect the privacy of the individual end-users of its products and services and will endeavor to comply with the enclosed policy whether it is legally required or not.

IRT Reels does not sell any personal information it gathers or possesses.  The use of personal information by IRT Reels is limited to disclosures needed to fulfill and carry outsales of its products.  Further, under no circumstances will IRT Reels discriminate against any buyer or end-user based on: (a) personal information collected by it; or (b) the exercise of any rights afforded under this Policy or any applicable law. 


IRT Reels collects a limited amount of personal information relating to individuals who are the ultimate end-users of the products it sells or services.  That information can include:

  • Full Name
  • Billing Address
  • Shipping Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Bank Account Information
  • Credit Card Information

Personal information is generally collected directly from the customer through IRT Reel’s website.  We may also gather personal information from credit reporting agencies or industry resources for project opportunities.  Information is primarily gathered by our website, but individuals in our Sales Department may also have occasion to gather personal information during our efforts to deliver product and services to our customer.


The primary use of the personal information we gather is to00 assist us in delivering our product to our customers, as well as insuring collection of the purchase price.  On occasion, we also may use information for the following reasons:

  • To provide the customer or end-user with information regarding our products and services
  • For testing, research analysis and product development, as well as improvement of our website


We may disclose or share your personal information to a third party for a business purpose related to delivery of our product, related services or securing payment of the purchase price.  For example, we may share personal information with an authorized dealer, shipping carrier or other third party associates involved with fulfilling your order.  We do so only when the sharing of personal information is in furtherance of the goal of delivering our product and services to our customer.  We may also be required to share personal information with our lending institution, credit card vendors solely for purposes of billing and collection.  We may also, on occasion, share personal information with our insurers or professional advisors as necessary to carry out our business operations.

We do not sell your personal information.  Sharing information with any third party is only done in furtherance of or in some way related to the delivery of our products and services.


As indicated earlier in this policy, varying jurisdictions afford to your different rights relating to your personal information.  Generally speaking, those rights include:

  • You have the right to access and receive a listing/copy of the personal information in the possession of IRT Reels, as well as the identity of third parties with whom we may have shared the information
  • You have the right to request that your personal information be deleted or expunged from the data and records of IRT Reels. However, the right to make this request is subject to exceptions.  For example, personal information may be maintained, despite a deletion request, if needed to complete a transaction, provide ongoing services, to assist us in meeting our future legal obligations, etc.
  • You have the right to secure correction of any inaccurate personal information

Any request to exercise your legal rights should be directed to our Data Protection Officer (identified later in this Policy) in written form.


A cookie is a file that is sent by a webserver to a web browser and is stored by the browser.  Information is conveyed back to the server each time the browser requests a page from that server.  Cookies can allow the server of Innovative Reel Technologies, Ltd. to store a very limited amount of personal information about you.  The cookies that we use can be viewed on our website at


IRT Reels does not typically discard or destroy electronic information after the completion of a order.  IRT Reels finds it useful to retain all electronic information relating to the products and services it delivered in its orders.

Electronic data is stored on the network of Innovative Reel Technologies, Ltd.  It may also be occasionally found on personal electronic devices used by our employees.  Finally, personal information may be stored on the systems of our vendors and authorized dealers, which information may be encrypted.

As far as paper documents that contain personal information, IRT Reels likewise retains paper files for all of the orders.  However, if personal information was secured for purposes of quoting an order and the order was not sold, personal information in paper form is generally discarded within 24 months after the matter is closed.


The Data Protection Officer of IRT Reels is:

Stacey L. Header, CFO
Data Protection Officer for Innovative Reel Technologies, Ltd.
31 Roberts Road
Pine Grove, PA 17963

In the event you (or your authorized agent wish to exercise any of your rights under this Policy or applicable law, or have any questions regarding the Policy, please direct a written request in person or by US Mail to Ms. Header or the current Data Protection Officer at the above address.

IRT Reels will endeavor to respond to a verifiable consumer request within 45 days of receipt of the request.  We will verify the request by comparing or corroborating the request with information in our possession.  If more time is required, we will inform you of the reason and extension period in writing.  In the event we find it necessary to charge a fee because of the scope of the request, we will notify you and provide a cost estimate before completing your request.


We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Notice Policy in our discretion at any time.  Any amendments will be posted on our website.


If you are unable to understand or implement this Privacy Policy, please contact the Data Protection Officer to develop an alternate means of securing information or assistance.

Edition: Jan. 2020