Renewed IRT® Fishing Reels

Guided by our focus on Green Durability, we are offering renewed reels for those who share our commitment to the environment. Many of these reels have been put to the test on a daily basis by our pro staffers and charter affiliates, who put the equivalent of an average angler’s abuse over their entire lifetime, onto the reel in just one year. Others are exchanged by customers searching for another Innovative Reel Technologies® model.

Rather than disposing of used reels, we are giving these reels a second life. All IRT renewed reels have been completely reviewed and updated by our dedicated service team, ensuring that they are in “like new” working condition. Any new technology that has been implemented since the reel was built, where applicable, has been incorporated in the design. Additionally, scratched or damaged exterior components are replaced with new ones to keep it looking like new.

All IRT renewed reels come in the same durable case as new reels and are protected by a one-year warranty. Like all IRT Reels, these reels are made and renewed in Pine Grove, PA.

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