PREORDER: 9-10-11 Wt. Fly Reel

Innovative Reel Technologies® Fly Reels are designed with the fisherman at the forefront of our development, creating the perfect reel for your needs.

The IRT® 9/10/11 Weight Fly Reel will become your new go-to reel for medium-heavy freshwater and saltwater species. This reel is a formidable opponent to any species, including Tarpon, Redfish, and Salmon. With the versatility to stand up to some of the fastest predators in the water, the IRT® 9/10/11 Weight is perfect for nearly any application.

Our fly reels are creating major waves by providing an anti-reverse mechanism with a disengaged handle that cuts down on wildly spinning handle knobs, which smack your knuckles and create a hassle. Incorporating our Spin Power Grip technology, we have developed a patent-pending method to adjust the weighting of the fly reel to perfectly balance on your rod. We have put the power back in the hands of the angler by incorporating our industry-leading drag technology into our fly reels. Our fly reel drag technologies include a patented handle-side drag adjustment knob, a handle adjustment feature that allows for a painless fighting drag, and a stainless steel trip arm to easily toggle between a casting and fighting drag. These features allow for a more custom tailored experience and reduce mechanical failures that get in the way of your success.

All IRT® Fly Reels come in a travel case with a foam insert that perfectly fits your reel, a tube of grease, lubricant, wrench, and microfiber towel. Additionally, every fly reel comes with both the Traditional and Power Grip so you can properly adjust the weighting to match your rod without purchasing a separate reel.




  • Rod Weight:9-10-11 Weight
  • Width:1.25 in.
  • Weight:13.86 oz.
  • Diameter3.85 in.
  • Backing Capacity:30 lb & WF9 - 200 yds
    30 lb & WF10 - 175 yds
  • Max Drag:50+ lbs.
9/10 wt Fly Reed Exploded View