The IRT200 spinning reel is the most innovative, durable, and compact reel on the market today. The IRT200 series reel can be used anywhere in freshwater or saltwater, from inshore to offshore and everywhere in between. It’s small frame and adjusted side plate design allow for a lighter reel with the same durable features IRT® Reels has become known for.

With a max drag of 30 pounds, the IRT200 is the strongest reel of its size by far. With 6 internal seals, this reel can withstand saltwater better than any other IRT® Reel to date. An innovative spool shape, designed to cast braided line, cuts down on wind-knots and improves line-lay to maximize capacities and save the angler frustration. A new high-speed stainless-steel pinion gear provides a gear ratio capable of achieving unmatched line retrieval in a reel this size.

As with all our reels, the IRT200 is made in America using only the finest parts available. Preorder your own IRT200 today or sign up for our email list to be notified as soon as they become available. The IRT200 is expected to begin shipping in March of 2020.

All IRT Reels have a reversible handle, easily transitioning between right and left-handed retrieve.

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Size & Capabilities:

  • Weight:12.7 oz.
  • Max Drag:30 lbs.
  • Dual Drag Option:N/A
  • Gear Ratio:5.9
  • Bearings:9
  • Line Retrieval:27"

Approximate Braided Line Capacity:

  • 315/15 yds/lbs
  • 250/20 yds/lbs
  • 175/30 yds/lbs

Approximate Mono Line Capacity:

  • 250/6 yds/lbs
  • 200/8 yds/lbs
  • 175/10 yds/lbs

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