IRT Spinning Reel Specifications and Options

200 300UL 300 400-400DD 500-500DD 600-600DD 700-700DD 800-800DD
Retail Price $549 $649 $599 $629-$729 $669-$769 $729-$869 $769-$909 $849-$989
Industry Size Equivalent 2500-3500 3000-4000 3500-4500 4000-5000 5500-6500 7000-8000 8000-10000 10000+
Unit Weight
12.7 13.7 15 16 17 25 27 28
Max Drag
(Lbs. SD-DD)
30 30 25 25-30 25-35 40-50 50-60 55-65
Gear Ratio
5.9 5.9 4.55/5.2*** 4.55/5.2*** 4.55/5.2*** 4.78***** 4.78***** 4.78*****
Line Retrieval
27" 31" 24"/28"* 27"/31"* 30"/35"* 34" 36" 39"
Recommended Braid Capacity
20/250 30/250 30/250 40/250 50/300 65/325 65/340 80/425
Recommended Mono Capacity
8/200 10/200 10/200 12/240 15/290 20/210 25/200 40/190
Grip Options Traditional Traditional Traditional
G1 Power Grip
G2 Power Grip
G1 Power Grip
G2 Power Grip
G1 Power Grip
G2 Power Grip
G1 Power Grip
G1 Power Grip
G1 Power Grip
Bail Operation****
Auto/Manual Auto/Manual Auto/Manual Auto/Manual Auto/Manual Manual/Auto Manual/Auto Manual/Auto
Applications Inshore casting & jigging, medium-heavy freshwater, near-shore kayak, light surfcasting Inshore casting & jigging, medium-heavy freshwater, near-shore kayak, light surfcasting Inshore casting & jigging, medium-heavy freshwater, light surfcasting Inshore jigging, surfcasting, medium reef fishing, heavy freshwater Inshore jigging, surfcasting, reef fishing, bottom fishing, popping, live baiting, heavy freshwater Vertical jigging, heavy reef fishing, bottom fishing, popping, heavy surf, live baiting Vertical jigging, heavy reef fishing, bottom fishing, popping, heavy surf, live baiting, trolling Vertical jigging, heavy reef fishing, bottom fishing, heavy popping heavy surf, live baiting, trolling
Standard Colors
Specialty Colors**
Olive Green
Burnt Orange
Lime Green

* Refers to 5.2:1 gear ratio configuration

** Some colors may only be available as accents, not as solid-colored reels. Specialty color options are a $50 charge

*** Gear ratio upgrade is a $75 charge

**** Upgrade to available bail operable is a $25 charge

***** Gear Ratio Upgrades will be available on the IRT600-800 soon

Choosing the Right Grip

Black & Red Traditional Grip

Traditional Grip

The Traditional Grip is a “T” shaped grip similar to some of the earliest fishing reels in existence. This grip style allows for the “split finger” technique where anglers can put two fingers above and two fingers below the “T” structure. It provides the standard pressure points that most anglers are familiar with and can be effective in every type of fishing. Every series of IRT Reels are available in the Traditional Grip.

When to use the Traditional Grip

The Traditional Grip is designed to provide comfort while casting. Though it can be used for any type of fishing, the Traditional Grip provides excellent balance while casting baits from the surf, boat, or pier.  

Black & Blue G1 Power Grip

G1 Spin Power Grip™

The G1 Power Grip™ is proprietary technology of IRT Reels, designed to provide a unique balance and pressure when compared to traditional spinning reels. This reel’s modified grip allows anglers to rest all their fingers above the seat, taking the pressure off the inside of your fingers and putting it on the back of your pinkie finger. This provides greater leverage in a vertical battle and removes the chance of blisters that could result from uncomfortable grips of other spinning reels.

When to use the G1 Spin Power Grip™

Though this grip could be used for any type of fishing, it is most practical for vertical jigging scenarios. The G1 Power Grip™ balances the weight of the reel further to the back of the rod, providing anglers excellent leverage in these situations.

Gold G2 Power Grip

G2 Spin Power Grip™

The G2 Power Grip™ is another piece of proprietary IRT Reels technology, designed to act as a hybrid between the Traditional and G1 Power Grips™.  This is our most versatile grip option, as it provides the unique balancing feature of the G1 Power Grip™, while maintaining the familiar look and design of the Traditional Grip. While it may look similar to the Traditional Grip, this option creates the same pressure points as the G1 Power Grip™.

When to use the G2 Spin Power Grip™

This grip can be used for any type of fishing and is very versatile. In casting situations, this grip provides excellent feel and balances the rod as well or better than the Traditional Grip. When jigging, the G2 Power Grip™ lends similar leverage and comfort to the G1 Power Grip™, but with the familiarity of the traditional grip to match.

IRT Drag Systems

IRT Reels takes great pride in the strength, smoothness, and durability of our fly and spinning reel drag systems. With a carbon fiber-Kevlar main drag, all IRT reels perform in a size above their class. Our Dual Drag technology provides the angler with extra maximum drag capacity that has become the most respected in the industry.

Dual Drag

Our Dual Drag system provides the angler with 5-10 pounds of additional max drag by including additional Kevlar washers into the top of the spool. As a fish takes drag against the reel, the two drags will counteract each other and add additional strength. Dual Drag reels also utilize a drag knob containing a heavier spring than single drag reels for strength.

Series 200 300 400 - 400DD 500 - 500DD 600 - 600DD 700 - 700DD 800 - 800DD
Max Drag (lbs) 30 25 25 - 30 25 - 35 40 - 50 50 - 60 55 - 65

While our IRT400 through IRT800 series reels have an option to upgrade to dual drag, our IRT200 and IRT300UL series reels come standard as dual drag. The only reel without a dual drag option is the IRT300. This drag style is recommended for anglers needing heavy drag, species that make speedy runs, and for those anglers looking for a lighter weight reel with the drag of a larger reel series. All Dual Drag reels come with a larger “power handle” and knob designed to provide additional torque during a fight.

Single Drag

Our IRT300 through IRT800 series reels are available in our single drag configuration. These reels come with the standard carbon fiber-Kevlar drag system below the spool. Even these models of IRT reels provide smoother and more durable drag than any other reels on the industry. The drag knob on single drag reels contains a lighter spring than the dual drag models and these reels come standard with a shorter “standard” handle and smaller knob.

If you are interested in upgrading your reel from a single drag to a Dual Drag or just want more information about our industry-leading drag system, please contact us at reels@irtreels.com.