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IRT®’s reels create a lower center of gravity, providing the fisherman with an increased mechanical advantage.


The lengthened lever arm of our fishing reels provides improved casting performance, allowing for lighter lines and lures.


The Spin Power Grip™ has a revolutionary shape that removes the pressure on your fingers that is caused by traditional spinning reel designs. This allows for a more comfortable resting position on the handle.

Revolutionary Technology

Dual Drag

The key to IRT’s Dual Drag success is in the front and rear drag, which both work simultaneously and are controlled by the same front drag knob. With this function, these reels have more flexibility and allow for a broader range of drag.

Method for Manufacturing

IRT’s patented method for manufacturing ensures a reel with superior construction.

Spin Power Grip™

Our Spin Power Grip™ technology is a revolutionary design incorporated into our fishing reel leg patent that provides critical performance advantages to fishermen.

Reversible Handle

A reversible handle allows for versatility between fellow outdoorsmen and their various fishing needs. This unique design gives the fisherman an advantage over the ordinary right and left-handed reels that are traditionally offered within the aluminum machined fishing reel industry.

Level Line Wrap

IRT’s aluminum machined spools rotate and adjust with precision to create a symmetrical line wrap, improving casting, drag, and line performance.

Line Retention

Auto Trip provides a quick, smooth line retrieval, creating an advantageous edge against immediate strikes while also allowing for the quick adjustments required to place a cast with extreme precision.

The Star on Top

Lifetime Limited Warranty

All reels feature a limited lifetime warranty and a unique serial number.

Made in USA

IRT Reels are manufactured in Pine Grove, PA at our state of the art LEED Gold manufacturing facility. All reels feature a unique serial number.

Exceptional Customer Service

IRT’s dedicated production and development teams will work with you to provide the highest quality customer and product service in the industry today.

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