An Update on Our Component Sourcing

All models of IRT® reels are, and will continue to be, designed and assembled in Pine Grove, PA. Our sourcing process is evolving to enhance both the quality and affordability of our iconic reels. 

Since we sold our first reel in 2011, we have taken great pride in designing, manufacturing, and assembling our products in the US. Over our first 11 years, we machined most of our own parts in a facility shared with our former sister company, Solar Innovations®. Since IRT® became an independent company in 2022, we have partnered with other manufacturing facilities to produce our parts.

To continue to deliver the quality and performance that our customers count on, we have begun sourcing some components of our reels internationally. We look forward to the positive impacts of this sourcing transition on quality, costs and lead times that will be enjoyed by you, our customers and friends.

As always, we will continue to anodize and assemble our reels in the U.S. And as we look ahead, we are committed to our ultimate goal of 100% domestic sourcing. 

The figures below represent the percentage of each reel's production cost that stays on American soil: 

Thank you for your continued support of our vision: to lead the industry in producing the longest-lasting, most advanced fishing reels possible.