Maintenance & Service

Maintenance & Service

Getting Started

Attaching the Handle:

Hold handle by the base, where the anodized aluminum transitions to threads. Turn threads into the reel clockwise if you are attaching it to the right side and counter-clockwise if you are attaching it to the left side. If you feel tightness as you twist on the handle, change the angle of threading to avoid stripping the threads.

Spooling the Reel:

Innovative Reel Technologies® recommends having your reel spooled by an experienced shop with a mechanical line spooler. Regardless of whether you have it spooled by a business or on your own, IRT® Reels recommends using monofilament backing or a thin piece of electrical tape to help the braided line bind and not spin on the spool. If you choose to spool it yourself, be sure to keep tight tension on the line as you reel it onto the spool. This keeps the line lay even and ensures you can fit the full capacity on the spool. Be sure not to overfill the spool.


IRT® Reels Care and Maintenance

After Each Use:

Spray your reels thoroughly with fresh water and loosen the drag knob before storing.

After Every 30 Hours of Use:

Place a few drops of the provided lubricant on the line roller to maintain smooth operation. Remove the spool and handle and lightly apply some of the provided grease to the underside of the drag knob, threads of handle, and underside of spool.

After Every 80 Hours of Use:

Wipe all grease off of underside of drag knob, threads of handle, and underside of spool. Reapply grease generously to all of these areas. Use the provide wrench to tighten all visible screws (i.e. bail arm, bail cam, side plates, etc.)

After Each Year of Use:

Send your reel back to IRT® Reels in the provided black case for service to maintain warranty and keep your reel working like new. Service can be purchased here. Directions for shipping the reel are provided on that webpage.

If You Submerge the Reel:

If only submerged for a few seconds, spray the reel thoroughly with fresh water, remove the spool, and reapply grease to the underside of the drag knob, underside of the spool, and threads of the handle. If submerged for a longer duration of time, remove the handle and take off the left side plate of the reel. Remove main gear while keeping all circular shims in place. Allow the inside of the reel to dry and then generously apply the provided grease to the inside of the reel and onto the teeth of the main gear. Reinsert the main gear and reattach the side plate.

If Issues Arise:

If you notice any issues occurring with your IRT® reel, please reach out to with a description of the issue and a recount of how it happened. A member of our team will respond as quickly as possible and either provide a fix for you to perform on your own or provide instructions on how to return the reel for service.