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Reel Service

Reel Service

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Please follow these steps to send your reel to IRT® for service.

  1. Purchase the Standard Reel Service here and print the order confirmation that you receive after paying.
    1. NOTE – If you do not receive this in your email within a few minutes, please check your spam folder.
  2. Package your reel in its original case with the printed confirmation and put both into a box to be shipped. If there is something specifically you wish to call to the attention of the service department, please write this on the order confirmation before sealing your package.
  3. Ship your reel to the address below:

IRT® Reels

Attn: Service Department

329 S Tulpehocken St

Pine Grove, PA 17963

  1. When the IRT® Reels team receives your reel, it will be reviewed to determine the service necessary to return it to the best possible condition.
    1. If it involves nothing more than simple fixes or replacement of bearings, gaskets, seals, springs, or screws, you will not be charged anything additional, and your reel will be serviced without you being contacted.
    2. If it involves fixes beyond normal wear and tear, a member of the service team will contact you at the phone number or email provided at the time of your order. You will have the option of accepting the additional fixes, and the cost associated, or declining. If you choose to decline, our service team will ensure the reel is able to function at the most basic level and will ship it back to you, but will not complete any other repairs that may be necessary to ensure long-term functionality of the product.
  2. If your reel requires additional fixes, beyond normal wear and tear, the following pricing will apply. You will be sent a digital invoice to pay for this additional service and will be required to submit payment prior to your reel being shipped back to you.
    1. Tier 2: $99.99 – This involves the replacement or repair of gears, supportive components, operable mechanisms, bails, and/or other small-medium sized components. These types of services typically also require more time invested from the service team.
    2. Tier 3: $199.99 – This involves the replacement of anodized components, rebuilding portions of the reel, and/or other more in-depth repairs. This type of service requires the most amount of time invested from the team.
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